Period Underwear: Knix Leakproof Review

Ain't no party like a leak-free panty party because a leak-free party don't stop!

Leaks on the move are honestly the last thing I want to worry about. Cramps are bad enough, I don't want to worry about a dreaded red spot on my pants. Enter : Knix. These were the second type of ‘leak proof underwear’ I ever tried and it was pretty much immediate love. They have tons of models to serve all your leak-needs and are also great for exercising and sweat. 

Does period underwear work?

Generally, I am a huge fan of menstrual underwear and have been for 7 or so years now, they are an absolute game changer. I really don’t like sleeping with a cup or tampon in, and sleeping with a pad is not my favourite either. So when period underwear came on the scene, I was the happiest camper there ever was. Aside from sleeping, they are also a perfect solution for those in-between days, when you’re not quite sure if your period starts today or tomorrow, or if you have another day of spotting. And of course, most of all, they are one of the most eco-friendly menstrual solutions out there. I have had several of my pairs for years at this point. 

As a Knix veteran, I’ll be talking about two specific cuts that I have bought several times, as well as their respective pros and cons, and why you should be scooping some, if you haven’t already:

What I love about Knix Leak Proof thongs:

  • They are so, so soft. I don’t know about you, but when I am on my period I want to wear things that are as soft and squishy as I feel on the inside. Knix definitely satisfies that desire. 
  • The lining is super thin, so you can wear them with a tighter fitting cotton maxi dress, for example, without having thick underwear lines.
  • Quality has really been great, I have had a few pairs for years at this point and only 1 of my three pairs have come apart a bit. 

What I think could be improved:

  • The crotch area where your liquids would be caught is quite thin (this isn’t a heavy day model), they’re definitely not enough for a proper flow, but they are truly excellent if you have a tampon or cup in and would like extra security.
  • They’re expensive for what they are if taken at face value, but they also have lasted me years. So value for money is quite high but the up-front cost can be a deterrent. 

What I love about Knix Leakproof Bikini

  • Similar to the thong, the material is incredibly thin and has the same perks about wearing thin clothing without having an underwear line.
  • I feel snug as a bug in them and sleep in them all the time without needing to worry about leaks on sheets. 

What do I think could be improved? 

  • Honestly, nothing, they keep my leaks in check and the silky material and flattering look of them keeps me feeling remotely sexy on my most bloated dates.

Would I buy them again? 100% and have already, I really like both pairs and definitely recommend them to anyone interested in trying out period underwear. 

Next up for me and Knix would be to try out their bras, they look incredibly comfortable and look great!