Period and Intimacy Blanket: Review of the Layer

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Real talk. We're a bunch of menstruating humans, here's a great way to avoid getting blood on your sheets

A few months back, an Instagram follower and female US-based entrepreneur named Clarie Alba, creator of the Layer, and I connected on something fun and messy: The general mess of when your period calls and lands all over your sheets, and more specifically, period sex.

Getting period blood on bedsheets has happened to most of us. From our pads shifting in the night, to our period calling earlier than we expected, stains on sheets are commonplace but expensive. As well, there’s a lot of mess that can happen if you’re having sex on your period, even on lighter days. While messy, sexual intimacy on your period can help relieve cramps, boost mood, and help you feel connected and sexy.

How to keep your sheets stain-free on your period

To avoid staining towels and sheets when sleeping or during period sex, I’d recommend trying the Layer. This ultimate intimacy blanket is 40 inches in diameter, is simple, sleek, and truly useful! The Layer is a period-proof, sex-proof and pee-proof layer that goes in-between you and the sheets you don’t want stained. It is truly an easy solution that helps you sleep and do any other activity without worrying that you’ll be making a mess. 

Personally, for example, I have never been a fan of sleeping while using a cup (even though you can do so). When period underwear came out I was thrilled and always slept in those. However, leaks did still happen if I was on a heavier day and I think the Layer is a perfect solution for sleeping stress-free, especially if I am at a guest’s house or on lighter sheets. Not because there is shame in staining sheets, but because I’d rather not be dealing with the messy cleanup. 

Claire’s idea for the Layer came after her period joined her and her partner on a weekend romance that left their sparkling clean Airbnb bed sheets with a bright red stain. She started it with a focus for period sex, which is great in general, but it’s applications go so far beyond that.

What is an intimacy blanket?

The goal of an intimacy blanket is to catch any liquids before they hit the sheets so that you never have to worry about stains or giant wet spots. While originally created for period sex, this incredible product is useful for so many things. From those who are breastfeeding to those who have accidents in the night, we guarantee this will keep your sheets or sofa clean and dry. 

I was curious just how much liquid it could hold and the answer was : All of it. I held the Layer in a way that would catch all liquid and I dumped several glasses of water into it. Zero water came through and didn’t even feel wet on the other side. Once it dried, I slept on it and didn’t notice it at all. What I was pleasantly surprised about was how it did not move a lot while I was sleeping due to the textured waterproof underside. It works super well and is machine washable for approximately 300 washes. 

The Layer is a liquid catching magic circle made up of two sides: The upper layer being a truly luxuriously soft black organic cotton fleece with a waterproof underside. It folds into the size of a medium size clutch and is perfect for travel! Honestly, it’s cute enough to just leave on your bed as a small decorative layer like in the phone below, so it’s there whenever you need it. 

Review of The Layer

Overall, I think this is a great product across the board. It’s made in the US from organic cotton, easily fits in a piece of luggage, and is generally a cute little blanket and is fully washer and dryer approved. I think this is a great, soft, and sleek way to enjoy clean and dry sheets for all of your personal messes!

You can get The Layer here and use the code YPC10! for a 10% discount on your purchase at checkout.