My First Period? Thanks, Judy Blume

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I got a new Summer Sister that year and for the next 40 years of my life

I was 12 years old, it must've been summer time because I was in shorts and a t-shirt.

I noticed blood in the toilet and when I wiped, I had read enough puberty Judy Blume books to know what was going on. I went outside to find my mom, told her, "I think I got my period?". She was low key cool and excited, and asked if I was sure. After seeing what just happened in the bathroom, I was pretty sure.

I asked if she could tell me how to use a tampon. I ran in, grabbed a bunch from her stash, and hoped she could explain in 8 seconds or less before my brothers caught wind of what was going on. She showed me how they work right there on the balcony, and I went back to the bathroom and did what she told me.

I managed to figure it out in under 10 tampons.