My First Period? It was the Day Before FRANCE!

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My 'American girl in Paris' did not go quite as I had planned it

It was on our school trip to France and I was super excited. The plan was simple, get on the coach bus, hop on the plane, and Bonjour France with my friends overseas. It was the night before and my mum and I were packing my bags.

Suddenly, I felt an urge to go to the toilet and when I was there, I didn’t notice anything different so I went back to my room and continued packing.

However - I didn’t flush and my mum was going to the toilet straight after me. She called my name when she saw an unexpected visitor in our toilet and told me what had happened. We talked about it and she provided me with the products I would need for the trip and I happily went off to France.

Although nervous, my trip was still extremely fun and my friends who had already started their periods before me helped me through it and gave me lots of helpful tips!