My First Period? I was 9!

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And it was the night of my sister's senior prom (thankfully not mine).

As my sister was getting ready for her senior prom I was in my room, anxiously sitting on my bed. I had just found blood on my underwear and was terrified.

Being 9, I thought the best thing to do was bury it down in the bottom of the hamper. Well, my mum was down doing a load and surprise- surprise! She walked upstairs and called me into the bathroom. She went on repeatedly asking how I got blood on my underwear since at the time I was kind of young to be getting it. Not satisfied with the answer from me, she sent me back into my room to play and called our paediatrician. She comes back upstairs, calls me into the bathroom, and proceeds to explain what just happened. She goes through the whole thing, asks if I had any questions. And I said, just one, "so, it's not like the end of a sentence, right?"

Now I know it’s definitely so much more than the end of a sentence.