Your Period Called

Our Story

The community who gets it.

YourPeriodCalled was born as an Instagram account on a particularly crampy month. There was a need to have an outlet find the humour in the crampy situation moment and also connect with others in similar spots, the emotions and cramps needed a healthy place to go. This led to the desire to create something more and came together as consistent impact through story sharing, learning, and solidarity, with the humour-filled twist YPC aims to deliver.

We strive for our content to be well-researched, accessible to all, and a space where those who menstruate can learn with each other.

We're here for you when #YourPeriodCalled and you're a cramped up, bloated mess, who just wants to just stay in bed and eat rolos, and when you want to learn more about your body and how it works.

If you'd like to learn more or write with us, feel free to write us!

Artwork by Julia Haney

Our Team

Jennifer Vrouvides

Founder, Editor in Chief

Educational program designer by day, menstruation content master by night. Jennifer’s passion lies in connecting people with stories and information around how our marvelous bodies work.

Kayla Davidge


A curious traveler, language learner, and music festival-goer, Kayla found her passion for menstrual topics while researching the recent radical change in period culture for her master’s thesis. Check out Kayla's Corner for more of her freelance writing and marketing work.

Dr. Michelle Frank

Medical Doctor

Michelle is an India-based healthcare consultant working towards building safe online health communities for women within the digital space. She is currently the Director of Health & Wellness at Naima, an online pregnancy ecosystem for women. Feel free to join in for #MyHealthChat which she co-hosts every alternate Thursday on Twitter.

Dr. Valeriia Chelpan

Medical Doctor

Valeriia completed her MD degree in the leading medical university of Ukraine - Kyiv National Medical University. She believes that medical education and understanding how our bodies work are key ingredients toward self-advocacy and helping people have the care they deserve.

Rebecca Pacheco

Guest Contributor

Rebecca is driven by her passion for gender equity, working as a researcher for projects that look to eliminate gender-based violence. She is a menstrual equity and normalizing menstruation champion who also decorates sugar cookies for her at-home baking business.

Sydney Piggott

Guest Contributor

Sydney Piggott (she/her) is a civil society leader, researcher, and gender equity expert on a global scale. She is super passionate about social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and brings an intersectional feminist lens to all of her work informed by her proud Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Julia Haney

YPC Girl Logo

Julia is an Illustrator & Designer based in Montreal with a passion for marrying form with function to create beautiful visual experiences. Inspired by the children’s books she grew up devouring and weird little moments found in everyday life, she likes to infuse her work with a friendly and engaging sense of play. Check out her site for her artwork!

Abitha Pallett


Abitha is a writer and digital marketer based in the UK as well as a passionate advocate for improving menstruation education and healthcare provision worldwide. Check out her website!

Lydia Slaby

Guest Contributor

A once upon a time corporate lawyer turned author, Lydia brings her wisdom and experience of young adult cancer’s impact on menstruation to life. Read her book,‘Wait it Gets Worse’ for a gripping and heartfelt look at what her thriving after multiple health challenges looks like.

Danielle Poirier

Guest Contributor

Helping young people to shape their minds as systems intervention master's candidate while being a caseworker with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Quebec, Canada. Danielle is also busy being a yoga teacher and helping soothe bodies.

Swara Patel

Guest Contributor

Swara is a period equity activist and Founder and President of The Period Society, one of India's fastest growing nonprofits in menstrual and reproductive health.